Patient Experiences
"I had a total knee replacement done last year and had fantastic experience with my PT at Excel. This year I had a total hip replacement done by Dr. Fehm at Excel and of course, I went back to Excel for my PT. I had Kimberly Herbert and Jennifer Gibbons for my PT. They were both fantastic and completely knowledgeable about what they do. The helped me get back on my feet and walking again. If I have surgery in the future, I would have it done at Excel."     Earle  8/25/17
" I have been a patient in the past with Dr. Czarnecki and Excel Physical Therapy with Bill Martin and had good results. I am now a patient of Dr. Vezeridis with major shoulder work being done...I am very much appreciative of his patience and steady approach to resolving my return to good health!! Also, the very excellent work being done with Excel PT by Michelle and Kim!!"      Jack S.  8/14/17
"This place is just terrific - from reception to the doctors, each department ran like clockwork!! I got the best surgeon and team. I was well taken care of. Don't go anywhere else if you need surgery."      Kathy R.   8/14/17
"This is my second time at Excel Ortho. The staff is excellent! Friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend them to anyone. "      Audrey M.  8/10/17
"Kathy and Monica are terrific. The exercises were thoroughly explained and progress noted. Especially grateful for the effective therapy to get me where I am now. Any questions were addressed and answered, never felt rushed. The whole team, the assistants, the ice room, the other therapists, it's a very happy workplace and very hardworking people."     Ellen P.  7/2/17
"I came back to Excel after re-aggravating an old knee problem. In just a few short weeks, Lauren and Kathy had my knee back on track. I feel stronger and more flexible, and I'm back to runnng and hiking without discomfort!"      Adam C.   7/7/17
"Gabriela was great in setting up my surgery and working with me on a schedule change. She was very professional and responsive to my needs. Dr. Yeh is an excellent doctor and I was very happy with my pre-surgery visits and treatments, my surgery, and my post visits with him."       David R.  7/26/17
"Michelle and Bill were my physical therapists. They were very helpful and concerned about my progress. They also looked into some anomalies in my leg while I was doing some of the exercises. Bill even took pictures of the problem and took it to Dr. Czarnecki. The doctor told them what was most likely the problem, we worked around the issue and my initial problem was resolved from doing the exercises they recommended. They were both friendly and made my sessions fun rather than tedious."       Kathleen R.   6/25/17
"My surgery was performed by Dr. Peter Vezeridis for a tibial plateau fracture. From my first meeting with him he really explained the injury and recovery time and answered all of my questions in great detail and patience. I can't say enough about the Excel PT team and staff, they are excellent! Both Scott Havemeyer and Bill Martin are awesome. They took the time to explain the exercises and motivated me to do them. They are very knowledgeable, professional and they took great care of me. My experience at Excel could not have been any better and I am very ...
"EVERYONE at the office is amazing! I don't know the names of everyone we interacted with but nonetheless, they are all friendly! Again, I thought everyone I came in contact with; the receptionist, medical assistants, x-ray tech, the woman who made the cast for my son, and Michael Spenard were wonderful, absolutely the nicest people! Wish I would have paid attention to everyone's name."      Cherie F.  6/29/17
Drs. Horst, Vezeridis, Fehm.  I’ve seen the above three doctors for three different issues. Their assistants have all been cheerful and welcoming. The three doctors have listened to all my concerns and explained everything clearly. For the two surgeries I needed, the doctors explained the procedures clearly, what they were going to do and the expected outcome."      Michael W.    6/26/17
"Dr. Levine was great. Professional and straight forward. The entire staff was helpful in getting me ready for surgery and my recovery after. Thank you so much!"      Amy G.    6/26/17
"I had a wonderful experience with Jenn Furlong and Erin Barrett at Excel. They are both very sweet and are excellent physical therapists. I am now able to use my right arm which had an irritated rotator cuff. The "gym" is unbelievable and the entire facility is run most efficiently. If I need physical therapy in the future, Excel, Jenn and Erin will be my choice."      Carol G.    6/20/17
"Just finished 6 weeks of PT for chronic neck problems. Huge improvement from when I started. Lauren McMillan and Catherine Pisani worked wonders and I can't thank them enough. Was a worthwhile experience and I would go back to them in a second if necessary. Thanks Excel!"      Robert B.   6/8/17
"Jeffrey S. was great. I'm very stubborn and stuck in my ways. He was patient and kind. He not only listened to what I had to say...he HEARD what I had to say. I've never been a fan of PT. However, I would recommend Excel not only because of Dr. Alessandro who is an amazing surgeon but because of Jeffrey as well. Jeffrey and Dr. A., thank you for getting me moving again and back in the gym. Thank you for all you do!! Such an amazing group of people!"          Kelley D.  5/2/17
"I've just 'graduated' from physical therapy at Excel. I don't think I can possibly say enough about the physical therapy department. I was treated by both Kim and Terri, who each got me through the initial trauma and then taught me what I can do and how I can do it. They are both so knowledgeable and caring. However, while I am able to single them out from my own experience, every one around me seemed to be treated with the same expertise and kindness. Kudos to the PT department at Excel."          Nancy P.   5/29/17
"Dr. Czarnecki and Dr. Fehm have my deepest gratitude. I’m a hockey nut but had to drop out due to severe hip pain. Dr. Czarnecki performed micro-fracture hip surgery in attempt to preserve the hip. He did a great job, but being as active as I am, I destroyed it in 6 months. Dr. Fehm then gave me a total hip replacement. I can never express in words how much I appreciate the Excel team for what they did. From the hospital staff to the post care I received at Excel, I was incredibly impressed, truly incredible doctors!" Anthony C. ...
"I've had two hips replaced, one thumb surgery and a knee replacement. I'm no stranger to orthopedic surgery! I've been a patient of Drs. Czarnecki, Alessandro & Fehm. Dr. Fehm is very smart, well rounded & dedicated to helping me meet my orthopedic potential. I can't say enough about my experience with Excel, they have all "excelled" in knowledge, expertise and customer service. A special shout out to Kathy and Terry of the PT dept. They helped me walk again and how could anyone top that? Thanks for helping me live an independent and full life!" Arlene L.  4/27/17
"Had menicus surgery by Dr. Alessandro. All I can say is that he and his staff are very professional from start to finish, they were incredible. Then I had physical therapy at Excel. Erin and Terry were just wonderful. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone there, the assistants and front desk people were all great!"     Bob S.  4/24/17
"The absolute best therapists clinically as well as interpersonal relationships. The essential reason for returning to Excel, even though I have to pay 50% of the cost, is the continuity I get. Lauren and Kathy were my PT team 2 years ago when I had my hip replacement, for knee arthritis prior to surgery and now for my knee replacement. You can't imagine the importance of this benefit."     Carrie R. 4/27/17




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