Patient Experiences
"Jeffrey S. was great. I'm very stubborn and stuck in my ways. He was patient and kind. He not only listened to what I had to say...he HEARD what I had to say. I've never been a fan of PT. However, I would recommend Excel not only because of Dr. Alessandro who is an amazing surgeon but because of Jeffrey as well. Jeffrey and Dr. A., thank you for getting me moving again and back in the gym. Thank you for all you do!! Such an amazing group of people!"          Kelley D.  5/2/17
"I've just 'graduated' from physical therapy at Excel. I don't think I can possibly say enough about the physical therapy department. I was treated by both Kim and Terri, who each got me through the initial trauma and then taught me what I can do and how I can do it. They are both so knowledgeable and caring. However, while I am able to single them out from my own experience, every one around me seemed to be treated with the same expertise and kindness. Kudos to the PT department at Excel."          Nancy P.   5/29/17
"Dr. Czarnecki and Dr. Fehm have my deepest gratitude. I’m a hockey nut but had to drop out due to severe hip pain. Dr. Czarnecki performed micro-fracture hip surgery in attempt to preserve the hip. He did a great job, but being as active as I am, I destroyed it in 6 months. Dr. Fehm then gave me a total hip replacement. I can never express in words how much I appreciate the Excel team for what they did. From the hospital staff to the post care I received at Excel, I was incredibly impressed, truly incredible doctors!" Anthony C. ...
"I've had two hips replaced, one thumb surgery and a knee replacement. I'm no stranger to orthopedic surgery! I've been a patient of Drs. Czarnecki, Alessandro & Fehm. Dr. Fehm is very smart, well rounded & dedicated to helping me meet my orthopedic potential. I can't say enough about my experience with Excel, they have all "excelled" in knowledge, expertise and customer service. A special shout out to Kathy and Terry of the PT dept. They helped me walk again and how could anyone top that? Thanks for helping me live an independent and full life!" Arlene L.  4/27/17
"Had menicus surgery by Dr. Alessandro. All I can say is that he and his staff are very professional from start to finish, they were incredible. Then I had physical therapy at Excel. Erin and Terry were just wonderful. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone there, the assistants and front desk people were all great!"     Bob S.  4/24/17
"The absolute best therapists clinically as well as interpersonal relationships. The essential reason for returning to Excel, even though I have to pay 50% of the cost, is the continuity I get. Lauren and Kathy were my PT team 2 years ago when I had my hip replacement, for knee arthritis prior to surgery and now for my knee replacement. You can't imagine the importance of this benefit."     Carrie R. 4/27/17
I had the most outstanding doctor! Dr. Feiler has done two total knee replacements on me, one in 2013 and 2017. Both surgeries had an excellent outcome. I enjoy living a pain free life. I also would like to praise my physical therapists, Jen Furlong and Kim Herbert. Their hard work has me moving around and once again enjoying the daily activities of life. Both were compassionate and very efficient. I had an excellent team of people caring for me. A big shout out for all of them.     GeeGee K.  3/31/17
"The Excel experience was a high level of individuals that have a warm and caring attitude towards their patients. The clerical and meeting staff are very courteous and concerned for the patient also. I rate both Monica Sheridan and Kathleen Sarver-Glejzer excellent and both go above and beyond what is expected of them in their commitment to their patients and their job occupation. I would return in the future. Thank you both for all your help and consideration to make a successful recovery from my injury".     Joseph C.  3/3/17"
When I went for my first visit to see April Bailey, my hip and leg were hurting. I couldn't pick up a leg to put my pants on. She took x-rays and told me I would need 3 weeks of physical therapy. After 3 weeks, I feel fine. Jennifer Furlong was my physical therapist who was wonderful. She took her time with me and showed me what exercises I should be doing at home. Excel is the place to go if you ever need orthopedic specialists. They're absolutely wonderful.     Judy B.  3/31/17
"I had arthroscopy of my hip for labral repair with osteoplasty performed by Dr. Czarnecki. Dr. Czarnecki was very professional and easy to talk to, which allowed me to feel comfortable and confident with the procedure. With the help of the amazing PT department I am now fully functioning and pain free. Scott Havemeyer and Leana Gaudette were wonderful, and had lots of experience with this particular procedure. Thanks to the team for getting me back to the lifestyle I've been missing!"Carolyn L.     2/1/17
"I had a fantastic experience working with the people at Excel. I very much appreciated Dr. Fehm's approach. He wasn't overly cautious about activities after surgery and really put me at ease. The PT team was outstanding. I never had to wait for my appointments and the assistants were great. Jen Gibbons was outstanding. She gave me great stuff to work on and I really enjoyed our sessions. I was also fortunate to get to work with Leana in some of my earlier sessions. Like Jen, great attitude and sense of humor. I would highly recommend the Excel team!"     Vern ...
"Had several tears in my meniscus repaired by Dr. Yeh.  Dr. Yeh is an understanding, well qualified doctor who answered all my questions thoroughly. Then I went to physical therapy and was handled by Scott Havemeyer. Scott helped me along and knew all that I was experiencing.  Excel was worth the entire process!!"     Kenneth M. 1/24/17
"The PT team is all wonderful, but I am particularly happy to work with Melissa Stebbins and Karen McNary one more time. They are knowledgeable and friendly and very good at listening to my experience as well as explaining how to do exercises and helping me retrain my muscles. Thanks!!"     Pat S. 1/16/17
"I had an excellent experience at Excel (I previously tried PT for the same issue at a different facility and had been disappointed. This left me skeptical in the beginning). At Excel, my team was Leanna and Therese. They always had my information at their fingertips. I quickly realized they were really paying attention. My treatment was specifically tailored for me- not for some generic "Knee patient". My sessions were well supervised and well designed. The atmosphere was pleasant and motivated me to try hard. I'm very pleased and have highly recommend Excel to others."     Marilyn Z.  1/10/17
"Lauren and Kim were awesome in providing Physical Therapy for my total right knee replacement! Dr. Fehm and the whole Excel team were totally professional, caring, and highly proficient in treating my overall recovery after knee surgery. I made a quick recovery with minimal pain."     Maria N.  1/5/17
"Today I saw Michael Spenard for an injection of my hip. He listened to my concerns for a possible negative reaction. Michael described the steps he was going to take, and had me wait in the office awhile after the injection. He even made a follow up telephone call to me at home, to see how I was doing. Thanks for this opportunity."     Monica M.  1/4/17
"I have been dealing with vertigo for nearly a year. I had no idea there was physical therapy to help with the dizziness. After three visits with Andy Cook I no longer am spinning; I can jump out of bed now without walking into furniture; and I can put my head on a pillow without the room spinning. I'm so happy to have been referred to Excel by my ENT - Andy and Excel gave me back quality of life."     Dianne K.  1/3/17
"Excel Orthopedics totally met my expectations for relieving my lower back problems. Working with Scott and Shayne they provided me with the tools to continue the success in maintaining my back health."     Jerry H. 1/3/17
"The office staff is top notch. Never an aloof word or annoyed expression, ever! I'll bet they have to put up with a lot of stuff from people coming in with aches and pains that make them cranky. I'm impressed with the way each and every patient is greeted, regardless of conditions. I know how hard that is to react with politeness and professionalism because my work experience included interfacing with over one hundred people every day. All in all, a great place to come to get treatment for physical problems!"     Paul C.  1/26/17
Paul C.Paul C.
"I've been coming to Excel since 2009 and have had nothing but great care and treatment. The staff is professional, caring, and listens to what the person has to say about their illness. I have utilized your excellent Physical Therapy service off and on since 2012 and I cannot find the right words to describe the treatment and respect from your staff! Wonderful! Great! Awesome! Couldn't be better! Some of the words that come to mind."     Paul C.  1/25/17




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