Joseph J. Czarnecki, MD

Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery, Shoulder, Hip, Knee & Ankle

Lauren K. Szolomayer, MD

Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery, Shoulder, Knee, Joint Replacement Surgery

Peter S. Vezeridis, MD

Shoulder Surgery, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic Surgery

Each of our surgeons has completed additional training to obtain subspecialty certification in sports medicine after completing their orthopaedic surgical residency. They have each undergone specific training in the use of each of these cartilage repair techniques.

Our surgeons regularly attend and teach at national and international conferences to stay abreast of advances in cartilage care techniques. To better understand how the nuances of our treatment recommendations affect individual patients, we ask our patients to participate in outcomes research using the Surgical Outcomes System.

We utilize shared decision making to develop a customized care plan for each patient through collaborative multidisciplinary conferences as well as case review. Always remembering that we are caring for individual patients, we review the various treatment options to best match them with patient expectations, with the ultimate goals of improving quality of life, reducing pain, and restoring function.