Virginia S. Hung, MD

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Dr. Virginia Hung is a board certified plastic surgeon with a certificate of added qualification in Hand Surgery. She graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1997, Harvard Combined Plastic Surgical Residency in 2003, and completed her hand fellowship at the Curtis Memorial National Hand Center in Baltimore.

She has recently transitioned from a solo practice (since 2004) to Excel Orthopaedic Specialists. She continues to practice at Winchester Hospital, Melrose Wakefield Hospital, and the Mount Auburn Hospital.

Her practice interests include surgery of the hand and upper extremity, including inflammatory, degenerative, neoplastic, and traumatic conditions. She offers minimally invasive treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and Dupuytren's disease. Dr. Hung offers customized surgical treatment plans for a number of acute and chronic conditions, such as fractures, tendon and nerve injuries, ganglion cysts, neoplasms, tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and peripheral neuropathy.

  • Harvard Medical School - MD 1997
  • Case Western Reserve University, BS 1993
  • Hand Surgery Fellow, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore - 2004
  • Resident, Harvard Combined Plastic Surgery Program, Boston - 2003
  • Resident, BIDMC General Surgery Program, Boston - 2000
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery - 2005
  • Certificate of Added Qualification in Hand Surgery - 2007

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Nearly 54 million Americans suffer symptoms relating to arthritis, a painful condition that can lead to disability. At Excel Orthopaedic Specialists, Dr. Hung works with you to determine which techniques will enhance your quality of life and alleviate chronic joint pain for good. Click HERE to learn more.

Carpal Tunnel

Repetitive motions and working a desk job are two common risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome, a chronic and painful wrist condition. At Excel Orthopaedic Specialists, Dr. Hung uses customized plans to address the root cause of your pain and ensure you enjoy long-term symptom relief. Click HERE to learn more.

Dupuytren's Disease

If your fingers are bending in towards your palm, making you feel uncomfortable and unable to do certain activities, you may have a progressive condition known as Dupuytren’s disease. Dr. Hung excels in hand surgery techniques to correct finger deformities caused by this disease. Click HERE to learn more.

Ganglion Cyst

If you develop a lump in your wrist or hand that becomes painful, you may have a ganglion cyst.  At Excel Orthopaedic Specialists, Dr. Hung treats different types of cysts, including ganglion cysts and mucous cysts. Dr. Hung can effectively remove the mass to end your pain and prevent additional complications. Click HERE to learn more.

Peripheral Neuropathy

If you have a chronic health condition, such as diabetes, you may be at increased risk of developing nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy. At Excel Orthopaedic Specialists, Dr. Hung offers effective solutions for treating nerve damage to restore your quality of life and enhance your overall functionality and health. Click HERE to learn more.

Cubital Tunnel

If frequent numbness in your ring and small fingers, hand, or forearm makes it difficult to do your job or engage in your favorite hobbies, or you have loss of dexterity in your hand, you may have a condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome. Dr. Hung offers effective surgical options to restore your function and provide long-term relief of pain. Click HERE to learn more.


Overuse or incorrect use of tendons can lead to tendonitis, a painful condition that limits your movement. Dr. Hung is experienced in treating upper extremity tendon conditions including strain injuries and inflammatory conditions. Dr. Hung offers customized surgical options to restore functionality in the injured tendon to finally end your pain and mobility issues. Click HERE to learn more.

Trigger Finger

If you find it difficult to straighten your finger, you may have a painful condition known as trigger finger. Dr. Hung offers effective surgical solutions to treat a painful or inconvenient trigger finger. She can create a custom surgical treatment plan to address the root cause of trigger finger and restore your finger’s functionality. Click HERE to learn more.

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