Award Winning Program

Concussion Testing And Movement Screening Program

Excel Orthopaedic Specialists

The contest was held by Move2Perform.  They were looking for programs using Move2Perform software to help better their communities.  Our baseline concussion testing and movement screening program won runner up in the contest. 

“At Excel Orthopaedics, a large orthopedic practice in Woburn, MA, we have begun utilizing the Move2Perform software and testing program as a key component in assisting clinical decision making, preseason athlete screening and programing for performance training. We have been using M2P with our return to sport testing program for about a year and it has given us valuable objective data to help guide the return to sport decision making process with our athletes. We are now expanding our offerings to preseason athlete screenings and return to sport/injury prevention performance training and M2P will be a key component of both programs. Our preseason screenings are designed for youth sports teams and leagues and provide both injury risk screening using M2P and baseline concussion testing through ImPACT baseline testing. We will provide athletes with exercises to reduce the risk of injury or use their M2P results to help individualize the athletes’ training. The baseline concussion test will help guide management by the athlete’s doctor or certified concussion specialist if a concussion is suspected during the season. We hope to also use the data from the preseason screenings for research to help identify modifiable risk factors related to deficits in neuromuscular control and fundamental movement as they relate to concussions. Funding for this kind of program is a major hurdle for youth sports leagues.”