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New Help For Patients Debilitated By Shoulder Pain

Dr. David Alessandro and Dr. Joseph Czarnecki are among a select group of surgeons nationwide to perform a new type of shoulder surgery that could help patients who suffer from debilitating shoulder pain. The Reverse® Shoulder Prosthesis manufactured by Encore Medical – a metal-and-plastic implant for the shoulder – is designed specifically for patients with severe shoulder arthritis and damage to rotator cuffs, the tendons that attach the shoulder muscles to the arm. Until now, there were limited surgical options for patients with severe deterioration. Conventional shoulder implants could not necessarily address both arthritis and rotator cuff deficiency. As a result, patients often had no choice but to endure pain with restricted shoulder function. The Reverse Shoulder is unique in that it was designed to salvage a damaged shoulder joint. The implant actually reverses the ball-and socket anatomy of the shoulder, which helps stabilize the joint and preserve bone. For more comprehensive, up-to-date information, visit The Reverse® Shoulder Website at . You may also contact our office to set up an appointment with either Dr. Alessandro or Dr. Czarnecki.